About Us

AwesomeDNS was built to provide a single place to evaluate any website. It was born as the founder of this site was tired of seeing other stats sites that didn't offer data in a easy and clean way. They would show ads in between the data and lot of times the data was missing or junk. Other problem was most of these sites were not mobile friendly. AwesomeDNS offers information about a website in a clean and concise manner with a mobile first approach. Whether you are looking to buy/sell a website or trying to get more information about the site, AwesomeDNS is your go to tool. What more, its totally free to use. Whois, DNS, WebSite Analysis, SEO, Safety, Traffic and more metrics to Measure & Track Success of any website. We try our best to provide accurate information but sometimes the information might not be 100% accurate and is offered for free as a reference only. Please do your due deligience and further research and conformation of claims before making any substantial investment.